Bingo Card Counting

We have all heard of counting cards in Blackjack when playing at casino online Malaysia. There is one day me and friends were playing online casino Malaysia at the Cybercafé. One of my friends Ben made headline news when he got caught red handed counting cards at the online casino Malaysia.

Malaysia online casino - new gaming trends for this summer

    He isn’t the first and surely won’t be the last. Although basically there is no law that states its illegal, online casino Malaysia management has the right to bounce what they feel is an offender right out on their bum! I ran across a bingo card counter who was a regular at a nearby bingo hall I just started attending. I was trying to be as distant as possible I had one eye on my own cards and another on this woman. My first thought was this girl isn’t right, she simply just isn’t right! She bought twice as many cards than most of the players in the room and she isn’t playing! What a total waste of money not to mention missed potential wins. My friend and I chattered softly between us wondering if we should tell her she needs to dab those numbers.

    Then the unbelievable happened right before our eyes. She yelled B-I-N-G-O! I was still thinking this poor woman was off her rocker I peek in dreaded anticipation as one of the workers came to verify her winning card. A second wave of disbelief came over me when the bingo helper declared it a valid win. The joke is on us and couldn’t ask for a better couple of people to get such animated reactions. There is no one is coming up to us, shoving a microphone to our mouth with a crew laughing in the background. I had thought about that mysterious player in online casino Malaysia for the rest of the week telling anyone and everyone who would listen to me and asking “how in the world does she do”. The very next week when we going back to the cybercafé. Turns out she is a regular there. I wanted to ask her directly what her secret was but she seemed shall I say unapproachable. There was a deep memory for me. Once I became more acquainted with the regulars I asked about this bingo counter.

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What is the SCR888 free download?

With SCR888, there is no need to travel to real casinos to play your favorite casino games. Now, you can play casino games at your own home. Trust me! You will never get bored with SCR888 free download. Get into the SCR888 casino soon to discover its features more!

  1. Real Betting Experience

Accessibility can be the most important feature behind the popularity of land-based casinos, but accessibility is not the only advantage of online betting. Online casinos get some other advantages over their physical features, and obviously, accessibility is surely one of the most benefits. Casino online Malaysia can help you approach more easily than a physical casino since the online casinos are only a click away from you. With real feel, touch, money, experience and even cash prizes, players who get into the SCR888 free download will not feel the fact that they are online. Instead, players will feel like they are in the casino world that is different from their real world.  

SCR888_ exciting_game_free_download

  1. Mobile Betting Experience

With SCR888 free download, you do not need to commit to your PC to enjoy playing or making bets as you are able to play your favorite poker games or slot games on your mobile phone. You do not have to join a mobile casino website as an official member due to the fact that the online site where you are a member will provide you with necessary apps to help you get into the slot machine or the poker table. With these apps downloaded, you will never have to wait for your favorite casino games.

SCR888 free download casino site offers you an entirely new gaming experience. Not only does it provide various slot machine games on the casino list for your beloved online casino games, but also provides you with traditional games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat where you can earn more than the physical odds by simply betting in each game. Based on the information of the real casino, SCR888 free download will let you play at the convenience of your own home like the way you are in real casinos.

You have to be online in some online casinos to enjoy casino games. This can be an inconvenience for you as sometimes you can lose the Internet access and of course, you cannot continue playing online casino games. However, thanks to SCR888 free download, you can download casino games to your PC, tablet or mobile devices at no cost. You can download and then install it into your devices in order to enjoy these games anywhere at your comfort.

SCR888 free download games are very famous in the casino world. Take the chance to play casino games available on the Internet without losing any money. Moreover, you can get the privilege to play your favorite casino games right in your devices since you can download and then play free software for your own PC and free apps for your own devices, and then enjoy playing your casino games wherever and whenever you are free.



Highway king slot game – the best choice for you to bet

Casino online malaysia is a unique combination of over one hundred and fifty betting game which was developed by the leading software companies in the world. With over one hundred and fifty games is equivalent to more than a hundred and fifty choices, it’s hard to choose a betting game which suits you best. So, if you are looking for a game between too many options, I will introduce you to the Highway king slot game – a great betting game which is sure to make you satisfied.

About highway king slot game

Highway king slot game is a betting game which offered and developed by Playtech, it has 5 reels and 9 paylines. This betting game has themed traffic, rich colors with symbols such as wheel, truck wheels, pistons, spark plugs, tires, gas tanks, lucky dice and three types of trucks. When you participate in this game, you will experience the great betting experience and winning the great prizes for yourself.

Some notes you have to pay attention

To play this game, firstly, you must know about the use of the buttons. When you participate in this game, you’ll see buttons as: Bet One, Bet Max, Spin and Pay-table. You must have full knowledge of their use. In particular, you have to press Bet One if you want to select the number of paylines to bet or select one more steal. Bet Max will help you selects one more steak by a clicking if you want. On the other hand, Bet Max will also help you turn automatically the reels as soon as you click it. Spin is an amazing button that will help you to spin the reel in case you do not use Bet Max. And the last, all your winning will be showed in winning pay-table.

The second, you have to know about bonus features of Highway king slot. When you play this game, you take enough of these collections feature bonus, we will help you improve your chances of winning the big prize. The bonus feature contain: Wilds and Scatters. Wilds symbols: The red truck with the big ‘Wild’ written across it is the wild symbol and replaces all other symbols except scatters. Also acts as a multiplier, it will help you double your winning effectively. The next bonus feature is Scatters: The exhaust symbol is the scatter symbol, paying 100 times your line bet for five across the screens. The last thing, you can pay both Ways: Pays left to right and right to left on the 9 paylines during playing this game.

In short

With great features and the grand prize that this game brings, there are no reason for you don not choose it as soon as possible. If you’re wondering before too many choices, highway king slot game really will make you happy. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start right now and have fun with this unique game.

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Malaysia Online Casino – originated passion


The Malaysia online casino is showing signs have increased constantly. It seems more and more people are trying to participate in online games such as online casino Malaysia every day.

The reason for its popularity is simply the online casino players will add more dollars, and money , this is a great thing all over. It is also possible that you will never do it, visualize it. At the casinos are fair rules is to make sure you have real money on the game before.

It is important to participate as a player for the first time, maybe it will make players feel a little too hard to follow, but over the next time you play there will be a change. Agility will always be formed when carrying out repeatedly play, and that is when the characters engage more comfortable and more responsiveness in situations.

Top Five Roulette Tips at Casino online malaysia

The Malaysia online casino games are easy to play and it is very pleasant, you can play for free first, the reason for this is because we need periods in order to adapt it. Many people have a passion for online casinos Malaysia, it is the opportunity to try the games for free fun. One of the reasons for the popularity of so this game is a bonus, deposit or welcome bonus. You will feel more excited than if the winner has been the small or larger reward. Highlights of the online games that you can play it in any space do you feel most comfortable.

The Malaysia online casino is very pleasant and safety, we will always have the dual control before allowing you to play online. The game also has some other famous online, where you can try your luck today. It is recommended to choose the online casino Malaysia is one that presents the game of your preference. This way you will be able to get pleasure from your online time more.

The idea of online casino is for people to feel excited because they do not feel themselves limited by the accessibility of the online casino games. In a short time, completely online casino on the internet Malaysia has a full range of games, namely more than 60 games that you can join and try your fate as many times as you want.

The players participating in the game on the network is not really what is so awful. Besides great entertainment meaning you still carry on their great rewards. The winner of the contest will encourage you to join the next time. Go to online casinos you have the opportunity to assert themselves. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to network with talented opponents, so, skill training opportunities for themselves is here.

Online Casino is actually more than what you imagine, if you doubt it, then unfortunately, if you want to know the answer really going to test us, to enjoy the feeling of sublimation winner. Malaysia online casino will be the best solution to originate the passion for yourself.


Basic Information of Great Blue slot


Summary: Read on this article to know some of the basic information of Great Blue slot you should know and make use of them for good.

In case you access a mobile casino site where offers you a lot of kinds of slot games, you are able to select one of these casino games to enjoy and also find each of these games with a different variance and playing structure.

If you are fond of playing a high-risk slot on which with a little luck during the playing, you can win some huge payouts. Also, you should pay your attention to Great Blue slot because it is known as a high variance slot game and it will attract high-risk slot players.

  1. Features Of Bonus Round

There is a variety of bonus games, which are able to award you when you decide to choose to play this mobile video slot. In case you want to get a chance to access bonus rounds like this, let us show you some features of the Great Blue slot bonus round.

While you are seeking for a slot game that offers you a high payout, I think it is worth taking a look at the bonus round that is offered on this slot game as this round can award players with some high winning payouts. Spinning in three or even more scatter symbols will be able to award you up to 33 free spins and at the same time, offer you more winning chances. This is because the multipliers that turn up during the free spin round can be a 33 x multiplier.

Well, this means that you are capable of seeing some winning combinations through the bonus game by 33x their paytable. Thus, even when you bet on the Great Blue slot with low stake, you will still find ways to trigger it again because players who bet with small stake can still be given huge cash payouts because that free-spin bonus round is playing off.

  1. Where To Play This Slot Game

The Great Blue slot has an incredible percentage of payout about 94%. This payout percentage will change based on each session that you play. However, after a long periods of time, this slot game will return the starting payout percentage.

Playing the Great Blue slot at casino sites will enable you to play a high-paying slot, offer you a wide selection of other high-paying slots via real money mode or free to play mode. New players are able to use casinos to claim an instant welcome bonus. Also, there are a couple of mobile casino sites where will offer you some mobile slots that are designed to be compatible to your mobile.  

In case you are fond of playing Great Blue slot on mobile devices, you should test it well because there is variety of other slots that are similar to this slot game. All of them contain all the compatible versions with your devices. You can get a chance to play them for free or for real money. Remember to take advantage of the welcome bonuses, which will help to increase your interest in playing and simultaneously boost your bankroll.

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Great tips for you to play Great blue slot game effectively and win the best victory

Great blue slot game is a favorite game of many players in the world, especially gamers who have an endless fascination with the betting game. The choice is easy, but how to participate in this game in the most effective way, win the biggest prize, is really a big question for many players. However, you don’t need to worry, I have some tips which if you read carefully and remember it you can win great prizes for yourself in this summer.

Firstly, Great blue slot game is a fresh betting game. It is a special mixture between traditional betting game and modern graphics, new interface. Come to Great blue slot game, you’ll be immersed in a betting game with ocean theme, along with many cute symbols which are designed like sea creatures. Additionally, when choosing this game, you can be assured about the quality and the character of it because it is a product of Playtech – a leading software company of the world.

Great tips for you to play Great blue slot game effectively and win the best victory

If you want to participate in this betting game effectively and win great prizes for yourself. The first thing you need to do is you have to have certain knowledge about this betting game, about the features of the game, the effect of the button. You can learn these things on game forums, where all your questions will be answered as quickly as possible by other players in the world. Before playing, you need to keep in mind the effect of buttons as Click to change, Lines, Bet per Line, Spin, Bet Max and Gamble, know how to use them will help you use them in a reasonable manner on specific cases.

The second tip that helps you the play betting games this a great way is before you play this game, you determine how much you are willing to bet. Saying clearly, before playing this game, you should determine how much you play. This helps you to manage budgets effectively. Because there is never a guarantee that you will win at the game in the first time, you should always have a clear idea of the amount of money you are willing to lose and just play within this limit. It is a pity if you play out of money and not a penny to play this game for the second time.

The last tip I want you to pay attention is during playing this game, if you have any questions, wondering about the game – everything about Great blue slot game, you go ahead and ask the players before, they will be very enthusiastic telling you, even they can show you the secrets of their tips, which they accumulated during playing. Thanks to that, you can win.

In short, Great blue slot game is a wonderful betting game, you can join it anytime you want and get the big prize easily if you pay attention to the above tips. Summer is coming, and Great blue slot game is the most suitable choice for summer, do not let any reason stop you from participating and winning games.

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How to play great blue slot game

Perhaps, not much explanation about great blue slot game, we also know well about the

freezing of gaming Vietnam for months now. During 2011 to date, virtually only the

Webgame is released with every genre, from the usual RPG, turn-based role-playing,

strategy to casual. Meanwhile, the MMORPG, which most gamers need not be


The mass of Webgame be released not only cause bad consequences is that many gamers

hate, boycott this category but also makes them severely affected interests. The Webgame

be released too much not only makes communities diluted but also push some games to

the verge of closing due to the low number of players, not a profit NPH.

Of course, when the game is closed, the victims here are the best players who have put

so much effort and money to draft virtual characters. Therefore, sometimes, the current

online gaming becomes relatively “dangerous” with threats rather “unpredictable”.

However, this is not something that the NPH really want. It is because of the price the

agency demanding that the MMO Client managers can not get the license plate of

passage in our country legally. Therefore, in the present time, gamers Vietnam should

learn to “living with floods”.

Do not load too much money on great blue slot games

One of the first experiences Webgame particular play or even for all online gaming in

general is never loaded too much money in the first place. Still know that the loaded card

is required to incentives and better support from NPH for plowing but a sufficient

investment, it would be wise slowly than the same time load the piles of money into the


There were so many players had to “suck bitter fruit” by investing too much money last

to play Webgame. Until quit playing, they realized he was wrong and feel sorry some

money that they have invested in the character. Be aware that the stability of the

Webgame is very low. After only a short time, the number of players in the server will be

significantly reduced by 2 reasons: partly depressed stop the game and a new server

component to abandon.

Naturally, those who cling stay is usually topped characters, they are not removed simply

because unfortunately his effort was invested draft but soon, they will not be continued

because there was Who played well again.

The investment of a sum sufficient and slowly will very much wiser than when loaded

with a ton of money into the game. Playing games is to entertain and not to have received

undue inhibition.

Read carefully about great blue slot

Read carefully about its upcoming online great blue slot play is a necessary action to

help you avoid the “garbage game.” Webgame, too, is not always boring Webgame that

still there are many product quality and is widely favored gamers.

Normally, when determining whether an MMO Is worth playing or not, we can rely on

the most visible characteristics like number of players, the game is well-known in the

world or not, and review of the who’ve played before..

Great Blue Video Slot review



  • General information


Great Blue consists of 5 reels with 25 pay-lines which is promoted by the impressive Playtech Gaming Software. Great Blue Slots game is famous for the submarine theme which focuses on the Great Blue – a killer whale. The soundtrack of Great Blue Slots recalls players a little about another slots game used by Novomatic in slots such as Lord of the Ocean (review coming soon). Great Blue Slots is said to have a high 10,000 coin jackpot that support players activate the game by getting 5 Great Blue (Wild) symbols at any locations on the reels. Your charge for each spin ranges from 25p a spin to £125 a spin.

Top Five Roulette Tips at Casino online malaysia


  • Great Blue Characteristics and Review


Great Blue Slots game characterizes scatters and stacked wilds. If you have an intention of achieving 3 or more scatter symbols (Sea Shells) anywhere on view, your task is to activate the Great Blue Bonus feature. After that, you will be given 8 free spins with a 2x multiplier to start with. Then, you need to select 2 of 5 sea shells to uncover additional free spins and/or multipliers.

Altogether, you have an opportunity of receiving up to 33 free spins and/or a 15x multiplier – I would rather a higher multiplier personally as that 1 free spin can make all the difference. In addition, you are more likely to get an extra 15 free spins if you obtain 3 or more Sea Shell symbols during the bonus round. Hence, there is a limitation in the number of free spins.

I tend to win about 50 times my bet in the feature but have had wins over 350 times my stake a few times. Finally, Great Blue also has a Gamble feature – though pretty standard, you can double your winnings by guessing the color of the unturned card whether it is red or black. If you give the wrong answer, you will damage all your previous winnings.

Great Blue has recently become a faith slot game because it is evaluated as a high variance slot game, meaning that this slot is most appropriate with slots players with deeper pockets. Approaching to the features seems to be not really easy and straightforward but whenever you have chance to get there, expect handsome wins.

It may take most of your bankroll to get there though – what you need to is just being prepared to ride out the dry spells. But as they say, when it rains, it rains! High variance means high risk but also means high rewards.

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Top Five Roulette Tips at Casino online malaysia

Even after 300 years around, roulette is still a casino favorite, so keep reading and find out these top tips for roulette success at Casino online malaysia.

Tip 1 – Single Zero is the Best

Many casinos, particularly those in Europe, feature roulette wheels with a single zero that is often called the “house number.” Of course, you can wager on the zero, so it is not really a house number, but most payoffs on a wheel center around a single number bet is paid 35 units, meaning that the house keeps 1 unit every 37 spins (1/37) or 2.7%. If the wheel has a double zero, the same 35 units are paid, but the house keeps 2 units every 38 spins (2/38) that equals a house edge of 5.26%.

Top Five Roulette Tips at Casino online malaysia

Obviously the rule here is to play the single zero wheel it is offered. Some US casinos do have single zero wheels, even though they might be limited to a high limit room.

Tip 2 – Skip the Top Line

No matter you play either a single zero wheel or a double zero wheel, the bets, and the payouts are the same, with the exception of one bet which can only be made on a double zero wheel.

The bet is known as the Top Line:  0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. Unluckily, because the bet pays 6 units to cover the 5 numbers, the payoff has a house edge of 7.9%. That is the worst wager on any wheel!

Tip 3 – Prison is Good

Many European casinos and Casino online malaysia have en prison, and several casinos in Las Vegas such as the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, and the Mirage offer games with the rule, as do nearly all of the casinos in Atlantic City. If you aren’t used to en prison, bets made on even money bets like odd/even and red/black don’t lose on a zero or double zero. Instead they have to play in the same spot on the next spin, or the player loses half their. Now that is a rule that is all good, so ask about it when you play!

Tip 4 – Variance Happens

Understanding Casino online malaysia gambling variance can be a bit puzzling, but for purposes of a tip to keep in mind, the bigger the payoff (odds against the player) of the bets you place, the less likely they will hit. That seems obvious, but the way it applies to the chips ahead you may not.

If you love betting the numbers straight up to get 35-1 payoffs, you will see wide swings in your bankroll. When the numbers hit for you, you will have mounds of chips and be satisfied. When they do not, you will have long periods when you do not hit anything, so get prepared. If you are fed up easily, or get crazy, do not take your issues out on your chip! If you really love the straight up bets, stick with them, do not begin making a bunch of crazy bets trying to get even.

Tip 5 – Your Bankroll is Your Friend

Treat your bankroll as your friend and you will be glad you did! You cannot build a gambling bankroll if you do not save any money first, but you can put aside a lot of money by planning how you are playing roulette.

The best tip for your bankroll is to only bet what you put aside for online gambling Malaysia, without succumbing to the urge to gain a little more cash from your debit or credit card. Problem gambling arise with spending too much cash over your entertainment money! You should also find the right Casino online malaysia for your bet size and skill levels. There is no sense feeling out of place when you are gambling.

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Highway king slot free play- The review of this slot game


Today, there are a lot of casino slot games that players can find more chance to win although these slot game they want to play will not be too busy. And one of them, Highway king slot free play is an entertaining slot game that you should try playing. This game is a 5 reel and 9 payline video slot game that is developed by Playtech. This slot game is chosen to play from 0.01 to 45 per spin, and it will give you the top jackpot worth up to 10,000 coins. The Highway king slot free play is known as a creative and exciting game, making all kinds of people worldwide entertained.

This Slot Game’s Theme

The theme of this slot game is originated from driving huge trucks. Thus, the first feature that you can see when accessing the Highway king slot free play is two big rigs located at the top of the screen to help frame the reels of this slot. Besides, this slot game also offers you a variety of amazing things. It contains not only good storyline and cool theme, but also bright images and special symbols that help it keep a lot of casino players playing as well as help it stand above other casino games. Addition to this, the graphics of the Highway king slot free play are cartoonish that will bring you an excited feeling when playing.

This Slot Game’s Symbols

On the reels, you can watch out 3 different colored trucks, including Red Truck, Yellow Truck and Green Truck. Besides, some other symbols of Highway king slot free play I want to mention are gas cans, pistons, petrol tanks, wheels. Each symbol suits this slot game’s theme and you can easily distinguish it with the other symbols because this slot owns the best touch of simplicity. Mind the Red Truck due to the fact that it is a wild symbol, which means that it can be able to replace other symbols.

This Slot Game’s Chances

Highway king slot free play will help you know the way on how to take a chance and how to turn it into a good gaming experience. It is factually easy to see huge rigs driving on the highway. Nonetheless, it is not easy to find a slot game based on them. You should try changing your mind to give this slot game a try, and then you will easily find a chance to enjoy amazing features. One of them is that it includes huge jackpots, which are also features you will want to consider before missing the chance to play it.

Highway king slot free play- The review of this slot game

Highway king slot free play with free version is offered not only as players will not need to pay real money to play this game, but also as players will get a chance to play this slot game whenever and wherever they are. Once you are used to playing this slot game, you can consider betting for real money. I hope that you will get the best chance to become a real Highway King on the highway to wealth.

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